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int nfq_set_verdict_mark ( struct nfq_q_handle *  qh,
u_int32_t  id,
u_int32_t  verdict,
u_int32_t  mark,
u_int32_t  data_len,
unsigned char *  buf 

nfq_set_verdict_mark - like nfq_set_verdict, but you can set the mark.

qh Netfilter queue handle obtained by call to nfq_create_queue().
id ID assigned to packet by netfilter.
verdict verdict to return to netfilter (NF_ACCEPT, NF_DROP)
mark mark to put on packet
data_len number of bytes of data pointed to by buf
buf the buffer that contains the packet data

Definition at line 686 of file libnetfilter_queue.c.

      return __set_verdict(qh, id, verdict, mark, 1, data_len, buf);

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