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int nfq_get_physindev_name ( struct nlif_handle *  nlif_handle,
struct nfq_data *  nfad,
char *  name 

nfq_get_physindev_name - get the name of the physical interface the packet was received through

nlif_handle pointer to a nlif interface resolving handle
nfad Netlink packet data handle passed to callback function
name pointer that will be set to the interface name string
The name variable will point to the name of the input physical interface.

See nfq_get_indev_name() documentation for nlif_handle usage.

-1 in case of error, > 0 if it succeed.

Definition at line 883 of file libnetfilter_queue.c.

References nfq_get_physindev().

      u_int32_t ifindex = nfq_get_physindev(nfad);
      return nlif_index2name(nlif_handle, ifindex, name);

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