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u_int32_t nfq_get_indev ( struct nfq_data *  nfad  ) 

nfq_get_indev - get the interface that the packet was received through

nfad Netlink packet data handle passed to callback function
The index of the device the queued packet was received via. If the returned index is 0, the packet was locally generated or the input interface is not known (ie. POSTROUTING?).
all nfq_get_dev() functions return 0 if not set, since linux only allows ifindex >= 1, see net/core/dev.c:2600 (in

Definition at line 777 of file libnetfilter_queue.c.

Referenced by nfq_get_indev_name().

      return ntohl(nfnl_get_data(nfad->data, NFQA_IFINDEX_INDEV, u_int32_t));

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