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struct nfq_handle* nfq_open ( void   )  [read]

nfq_open - open a nfqueue handler

This function obtains a netfilter queue connection handle. When you are finished with the handle returned by this function, you should destroy it by calling nfq_close(). A new netlink connection is obtained internally and associated with the queue connection handle returned.

a pointer to a new queue handle or NULL on failure.

Definition at line 290 of file libnetfilter_queue.c.

      struct nfnl_handle *nfnlh = nfnl_open();
      struct nfq_handle *qh;

      if (!nfnlh)
            return NULL;

      /* unset netlink sequence tracking by default */

      qh = nfq_open_nfnl(nfnlh);
      if (!qh)

      return qh;

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